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Message from Chief

Mr. Indra Bahadur Oli

Welcome to the official webpage of Soil Management Directorate (SMD), Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Development. The organizational improvement by Government of Nepal, 2049 B.S and 2052 B.S., had already established Soil Testing and Service Section (STSS) at the central level and five Regional Soil Testing Laboratories (RSTLs) at the five development regions under the Department of Agriculture (DOA). In the mean time of organizational improvement in 2061 B.S., the status of STSS was upgraded to Soil Management Directorate (SMD) under the DOA. Now, there are twelve different directorates under DOA and the SMD is one of them to implement the overall soil management programs under DOA. Besides five RSTLs at five different development regions there is one more Soil Testing Laboratory at the Surunga of Jhapa district mandated for the soil sample analysis of industrial crops, especially for tea and cardamom. The staff working in this directorate or in different laboratories under this directorate assesses problems with the farmers regarding soil and then develops and carries out programs to solve them.  The directorate along with its five regional soil testing laboratories and one soil testing laboratories is conducting different programs related to soil. The major programs conducted through SMD include soil analysis, fertilizer analysis, micronutrient analysis, Integrated Plant Nutrient Management System (IPNS), Nutrient deficiencies study, Soil fertility maps of different districts, training related to soil management and laboratory procedures, FYM and Compost Management programs etc.

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